heart break

I hate it when people tell others to get over it, because getting over a heart break doesn’t take days, weeks, or even months and even then when you start to appear like your over it your breath will always catch when they walk by you’ll always notice if they’re in the room you’ll always wonder if you had done something different maybe they’d still be with you. You never truly get over a heart break unless someone else steals your heart

when did time become just numbers on a clock, when did my friends become faces in a crowd,what is this feeling of being hollowed out, like my soul is already gone and I’m just a husk walking in a world I wasn’t meant to be in. If life is meant to be enjoyed what happens when it stops being enjoyable. It’s getting harder to focus its like my mind has taken a plunge  into thee deep end of the abyss and it doesn’t know how to swim,  I’m drowning in my own thoughts and there isn’t anyway to save myself.